Curriculum Research and Evaluation:

We’re looking for a diligent and resourceful Curriculum Research and Evaluation Volunteers to help research and evaluate curriculum. It is a 40 hour commitment per month initially and an opportunity to build new skills, develop a familiarity with 6-12th grade curriculum and, ultimately, improve the educational experiences of students. You will work alongside the Curriculum research, evaluation, and digitization (CRED) Team to ensure the quality and efficacy of our aggregated content. Our videos, lesson plans, documents, and practice problems are used by educators and students who count on 24/7 Learn to have a high quality and rewarding educational experience.


  1. Maintain the quality of all resources by repairing, revising, and editing videos, documents, images, and slides
  2. Support the creation and improvement of teacher and student-facing resources such as videos, documents, and presentation slides
  3. Support the Curriculum research, evaluation, and digitization (CRED) Team in improving production quality and processes over the long term
  4. Review site content proactively to identify areas for improvement
  5. Participate in company wide professional development initiatives


  • Experience with Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel (advanced Excel and PowerPoint experience preferred)
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills
  • Passion for improving public education
  • “Whatever it takes” attitude
  • Team player
  • Hunger to learn new skills
  • Willingness to learn video editing using software such as Powtoons, Imovie, Windows movie maker or similar


  • You are a strategic thinker and a thoughtful team player
  • You are a self-motivated and task-oriented
  • You are eager to learn new skills and apply them in a fast-paced setting
  • You have an interest in instructional design and research,
  • You are willing to learn how to edit videos and utilize spreadsheets.
  • You have a strong attention to detail.
  • You care about providing teachers and students the highest-quality content available online.


Our volunteer opportunities are focused on education development, 21st-century skill mastery, leadership development, and analytical thinking.  Volunteers are challenged to add value to projects and are encouraged to take risks, and think outside of the box. Our volunteers do not serve as assistants, work on projects that directly generate revenue for the organization, and do not displace regular employees.